In technical collaboration with Apex the following projects were executed

Lafarge India

  • 1. We have designed the approval system for Purchase requisition, purchase approval and different Logistics approvals. The software is web-based, multi-tier and capable of handling multiple approvers at multiple levels with complex business rules, several reports, auto reminders, scheduled graphical reports and delegation handling system.
  • 2. Safety, health and environment tracking system: this tool primarily dedicated towards safety of the employees who are in plants, office and off office and plants, contract employees and any third party. Any of the above people with a company employee code can act as a whistle blower; log into the system and register any unsafe condition / unsafe act by any employee or contractor employee or incident. Anything reported, flows to different personnel for action based on certain rules. The management team ensures that the unsafe issue is resolved and the same is not repeated.

Institute of Radio Physics and electronics, University of Calcutta

  • Institute of Radio Physics and electronics, University of Calcutta, is one of the foremost and of most important institutes present in India. We have designed and developed the entire CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for this prestigious institute.
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West Bengal Medical Council

  • 1. We have designed and developed the web site for the West Bengal Medical Council; a prestigious self-regulatory body under government of West Bengal. The CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is powerful, completely custom built and allows WBMC to publish and manage their content.
  • 2. Journal management system: this software is dedicated to management of journal paper submission, resubmission if required, review process through multiple reviewers and multiple times if required, related communications and acceptance of papers for publication.
  • 3. Doctor’s registration management: this maintains all doctor’s data, who are practicing in the state of West Bengal, other qualifications as acquired are also registered through this system, if the qualifications presented are valid. Doctor can be penalized or cautioned, registration can be removed temporarily or permanently in case of severe violation or death, or if the doctor has moved away from the state. There is a small accounting part also, which maintains fees collection and payments.
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  • A well-known painter, well known for several murals and frescoes. Rashtrapati Bhavan has some of his most striking wall paintings. We are proud of being part of the team sharing his glorious works.
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  • This is an investment company; we have developed software, which does the systematic trading based on complex logic. The software has gone through few iteration and running successfully.
  • Link :www.lamronanalysts


  • The older site was replaced for this resort in the Andaman Islands; the site was designed and implemented with online payment gateway.
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Cost Institute (Eastern region)

  • EASTERN INDIA REGIONAL COUNCIL of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament). We have designed and developed the entire CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for this prestigious institute.
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  • A biennial international conference that is arranged by prestigious colleges and institutions of India, at different places since 2007. This scientific conference on varied subjects of applied electromagnetics generates a lot of interest in the scientific community. The conference website is included with a modern conference management system to manage incoming papers, reviews, acceptance, notifications etc. This was the gateway for us to see how we could help manage an International event.
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  • A well-known NGO in Bengal engaged in rural development. We have developed the website for them.
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  • A prestigious educational council founded in 1905; a major force in shaping up todays Jadavpur University. The website showcase the glorious years, and to communicate the News and upcoming events.
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  • A one of a kind organisation working to restore and preserve our cultural heritage through textile fabrics. They organize seminars, events, shows, talks, conferences and we are proud to be part of this wonderful experience.
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  • Started in 2010, an annual residential workshop for young scientists; to help them shape up the wireless world. This workshop as goes to different place every year, the web site is kept updated to match the local theme and required information; along with the conference management system.
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  • The 6th International Conference on Computers and Devices for Communication was held in 2015. The next one is scheduled in 2018. The conference is being organized by the Institute of Radio Physics and electronics, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India. The University of Calcutta has the tradition of academic excellence producing all-time great scholars from India.
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  • A resort in the Andaman Islands, the website was revamped completely with new design.
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  • We have developed a web-based timesheet, leave and conveyance management multi-tier software; for this well known Kolkata advertisement agency