Healthcare Services

Simple to use Digital Healthcare Solutions that addresses the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare needs,
including special focus on Medical Tourism.

Medical Emergency

India’s First Life Saver App. Download it for Free to Save a Life. Literally!


Public Health

Our Pubic Health Division works exclusively with Government Health Departments to extend state of the art Drone Technology Services that augment their initiatives.

Medical Card Solutions

Snaayou has developed an Industry First Medical Card Solution that helps you get Free Cash Value Offers towards Diagnostic Services, Radiology Services , Doctors Consultations to name a few , at a highly affordable price.

KMC Health App

Download the KMC Health App from Google Play free ( Link). This is India’s first App dedicated exclusively for Vector Borne diseases (Dengue and Malaria) and is available in 4 different languages, namely English, Hindi, Bengali & Urdu. The Life Saver App is a collateral App of the KMC Health App.


IT Projects

We have a specialized IT team to undertake detailed systems study for developing and implementing Healthcare solutions that are customised.
Some of our clients are mentioned below including our core areas:


Hospital Management Systems

Customised development of Hospital Management Systems

E-Commerce solutions

Customised E Commerce solutions for Healthcare Service providers.

Biometric Solutions

RFID and
Biometric Solutions

Drone applications

Drone applications required for survey analysis related to Public Health